Taking the Road back to GOD

Elimelech and Naomi, left Bethlehem Judah and went to an abominable land, and there Naomi lost her husband, and her two sons, and prior to her two sons death, they had married Moabitess.

At this junction, Naomi heard that God had visited His people in Bethlehem Judah, and this is the first step unto reconnecting back to the God of the covenant.

There is the need to hear, and Naomi having heard, she made an effort to return, and in her decision to return, she gained the confidence of two other women desiring to follow her to Bethlehem Judah, though only one of them (Ruth) actually journeyed along to end.

Naomi could have lamented and lamented over her situation. She could have sat in Moab regretting her past life, having seen what a wasted life it was. She could have sat and lamented how she tried to please God and also please her husband against the Word of God, and how she failed. She could have sat and regretted how she failed to raise her children according to the customs of the Israelites.

Though Naomi suffered so much, imagine those years with no husband and sons to look after her. She was completely exhausted, broken, disappointed and depressed, yet, Naomi realised that despite her shattered life, God in his love and mercy has allowed her to hear of the news of His visitation to the people in Bethlehem Judah. She knew God was willing to pick her up and fix her. Naomi took the road back to connect to God, and that began for Naomi a bountiful Barley harvest.

Unfortunately, we have a host of people who goes to church, yet, they have not necessarily heard the gospel that returns a woman back to her Maker.

Maybe, you the reader of this post has been sitting in church pews but has never heard of the message that should leads you back to the Cross of Christ, now is the time for you to hear that God gave His Son on the Cross as a road to return back to God the Father.

Maybe life for you has been so depressive, may be for you, it is anxiety, or the fear of what people might say or do, but God says “Christ is the way, the Truth and the Life”

Just as Naomi returned back to her homeland, one day, you will leave this earth to return to Your Maker, but your return to Him now while you are on earth will determine if you will live with Him in eternity. Religion, church attendance, self-denial does not lead you back to God, Christ is the Only and TRUE WAY that leads back to God.

Maybe you have been taking diverse ways, or you are presented with different religions, those are ways that seems right, but the end is destruction. Jesus Christ is the only and true way.

Jesus Himself said in John 14:16 that “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”

Are you willing to return back to God through JESUS CHRIST?

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