Woman – relational

As I write this aspect of “Why woman O Lord?”, I recollected my times in different churches, particularly a church we became part of at a peculiar season of my family life.  I think of a lady that befriended me, she was my name sake, we became friends and I remember the day she brought her Bible study group to my home, what a level of relating with me!

This sister was neither the pastor’s wife, nor the women leader, but was an ordinary woman like all of us,  she understood the relational aspect of womanhood, and made great use of this.

Years after we left the church, we went visiting, and I remember this same lady asking me to please let her know when next we will be visiting, so that we can arrange to have  lunch together.

When God made the woman in the beginning, part of His design is the ability for her to relate, and this great virtue was what the devil preyed on in order to destroy the first woman.

Oxford dictionary says relational is the way in which two or more people or things are connected. Women are endowed with the ability to connect, and if all women gracefully make use of this inbuilt instinct, we shall discover the blessedness that surpasses our human understanding in all spheres of life.

There is a huge gap between different age groups in many of our congregations and nations, the younger generation appear to lack the relational input of the older generation.

Imagine the input of Elizabeth upon the life of Mary, and that of Naomi on the life of Ruth.

May as many of you reading this article, see the need to allow this inbuilt grace of relating to each other that God has deliberately placed in females to flourish.

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